Hot temperatures lead to hot lettuce market

by Tim Linden | July 19, 2013 Warm weather in California’s Salinas Valley, as well as throughout the nation, has led to a demand-exceeds-supply situation with iceberg lettuce driving that market to $20 f.o.b., and bringing other items along with it. Mark McBride, who sits on the sales desk at Coastline in Salinas, told The Produce…


California faces water shortage, but fresh supplies should not suffer

by Tim Linden | August 01, 2013 When the final snow survey for the year was taken in early May in California’s mountains, the snowpack was only 17 percent of normal, which meant California farmers were not going to get their full allocation of water. At the time, the California Department of Water Resources predicted…


Tomato market should be stronger as summer wanes

When the California mature green tomato deal got started in mid- to late June, it was plagued by an oversupply situation, according to tomato veteran Joe Bernardi, but he said it did strengthen in July and he expects a fairly good market from mid-August on. In late July, he said, “he good news is we…