Tutuli Produce International is a progressive and dynamic company with headquarters in Nogales, AZ. We have immediate access to a wide variety products such as peppers, cucumbers ,pickles, squash, watermelon, sweet corn, onion, mango, lime, Asian products if we are not growing what you need we have fields available to grow new commodities.


Tutuli Produce International is currently representing the associations and independent growers from 20 states in Mexico. Working in conjunction with agencies of the Mexican government, including the Department of Agriculture to improve the systems of production, harvest and the distribution of Mexican fruits, vegetables and grains.


According to the implemented free trade agreement, we are able to distribute these commodities though Mc Allen, TX, Nogales, AZ, Calexico, CA and San Diego, CA.


Tutuli Produce International has implemented a program called “Contract Farm Production Sales”. This program works by contracting in advance the amount of product needed for the season, planted especially for you. We are able to negotiate contracts at a fixed price or at the current market price.

We are very excited about this new source of fresh produce for the world marketplace and hope that you will share in our enthusiasm and would like to work with you to meet all your produce needs.

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